Thursday, October 12, 2006

Newspaper Follies

I was looking over the various papers available on the street, the dailies and the weekles, and low and behold if the National Pest boxes are missing around Edmonton Centre and the Library. Is this the final death knell of the paper that has been fiscally and politically bankrupt since its inception by the arch crime lord Conrad Black?!

The Edmonton Sun has had a makeover, not popular with the bus riding crowd nor seniors. Having gone to six columns, the paper of the proletariat has ticked off its readers. The columns make the print size smaller and harder to read. Not good for seniors, and they have grumbled about it. The white space is offset with more space for ads. As one reader pointed out the change makes the paper less news more ads. How you can have less news in a paper you can read in five minutes, well the Sun has managed it.

The RightWing Weekly Western Standard is less than a smashing success as a newstand seller. Over at Hub Cigar they report selling 15-20 weekly. Whereas the liberal Alberta Views sells 35 weekly, as do Harpers and Atlantic. Heck even the American liberal weekly the Nation sells 25. That's why we call it Redmonton.


National Post

Western Standard

Edmonton Sun

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