Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Global Warming Worries Canadians

It worries us but not our New Government.

Global polling shows Canadians like the rest of the world are far more aware and worried about Global Warming than the politicians.

Canadian poll in September showed that Canadians, unlike the New Government in Ottawa, are worried about global warming.

A month later we are still worried and we do not believe that the New Government will do anything about global warming.

Tories face environmental balancing act

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians believe the Conservative government will fail to take adequate steps to fight global warming, and blame the oil and gas industry for making matters worse.And a similar number 63 per cent are ''desperately concerned'' that the ''world may not last much longer than another couple of generations'' if drastic action isn't taken immediately.

The poll also found:

Almost 71 per cent of Canadians believe major companies with huge profits should be forced to pay more to clean up the environment, as opposed to taxpayers, even if it means driving them out of business.

66 per cent of Canadians believe the scientists, versus 34 per cent who believe changes in the climate are due to ''the effect of normal warming and cooling patterns that rise and fall'' over time.

Proving Canadians right, the New Government has abandoned Kyoto and come up with.....well we are still waiting for something to deal with Global Warming and not just smog.
Government set to force automakers to cut emissions

But the real creators of smog in our larger urban environments are not consumer automobiles but commercial trucking, which the Tories have avoided dealing with just like they have avoided dealing with the oil industry which is the other creator of green house gasses in Canada. An industry that is of course in Alberta home of the Reform/Alliance/Conservative party. And where the flatearth soicety dominates....In Alberta, 51 per cent do not believe greenhouse gases are heating up the planet. The province is also home to the tar sands, one of the world's largest oil reserves, which could see industry emissions double over the next decade.




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