Monday, October 02, 2006

Gosh Shucks

"I also shared in that letter with (Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff) that as we had taken that particular step, I would sure appreciate if they would do the same." Day: US asked to clear Arar as security threat He forgot to add the giggle, and hayseed 'Gosh Shucks',and oh yes the pretty please. The Americans of course have no idea what he is talking about.

But what did you expect from Stockwell Day who also owes Arar an apology for having labeled him a terrorist. Still waiting for the Conservatives to apologize for believing and promoting the RCMP lies that he was a terrorist. Not just an apology as the New Government of Canada but as the Conservative Party who when in opposition smeared Arar as a terrorist.

When the then-Liberal government began belatedly, timidly asking for Arar's release from his Syrian torture chamber in the fall of 2002, opposition leader Stephen Harper was dismissive. The Liberals, he claimed, were "hitting the snooze button on security matters." His colleague, Stockwell Day, even argued the government's "lack of vigilance" had allowed a notorious terrorist like Arar to avoid detection and detention in the first place.The Arar case is not the end

And how about firing some of them RCMP bad guys. Nope not this Law and Order government. Instead they allow the RCMP commissioner to hold on to his job, and they accept that those who broke the law regarding domestic spying, a law in place years prior to 9/11, should get meritous service awards.

RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli testified at the Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on Thursday of last week. Mr. Zaccardelli said after Mr. Arar's extraordinary rendition from New York to Syria in 2002, he was alerted to Mr. Arar's case and that he attempted to correction false information about Mr. Arar that the RCMP sent to U.S. authorities.

"I learned about it when I reviewed the information. We tried to correct it with the Americans. We let Canadian officials know about that," Mr. Zaccardelli said of the false information.

But opposition MPs said Mr. Zaccardelli's testimony was incomplete and asked if he had known that the RCMP's information was false, why he did not correct the record in Canada. It remains unclear why the RCMP and CSIS together resisted–as Justice O'Connor documents–the attempt by the minister of foreign affairs to send a letter to Syria saying that there was "no evidence" that Mr. Arar was linked to al-Qaeda. CSIS didn't want Arar returned to Canada

Yep the New Government is a Police State in the waiting. Waiting for a Majority.




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