Monday, October 02, 2006

Pro Life?

The Canadian blogosphere has been inundated by the anti-abortion, anti-choice, anti-women rantings of Christian Conservative moralists. Using the same old offensive assaults on those who disagree with them. As I have posted here.

A simple question for these moral simpletons, since you claim to be Pro-Life I take it you are opposed to Capital Punishment and War, both the very essence of anti-life . I look forward to your vociferous pontifications on these anti-life topics. Especially from the Catholic bloggers. But I suspect that war and capital punsihment can be justified. However many moral twists and turns that takes.

Of course those who are protestant evangelical fundamentalists face no such moral predicament. They simply justify their anti-choice positon by appealing to mythical family values, the ultimate defense of patriarchy.

Instead of saying abortion is murder and the worst crime in the history of mankind (of course for womankind it is not a crime but a historic neccisity of birth control), lets get real and deal with real crimes against humanity, war and capital punishment.

Oh and while we are on the topic of abortion and birth control I hope you support a girls/womans right to know, by providing alternatives to the neccisity of abortion, or worse infanticide, by supporting access to birth control and public sex / human relationships education K-12. Why of course you do.

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Anonymous said...

That does not answer the real question:

are you in favour of fetal rights?

Capital punishment and just wars are intended as responses to the unjust taking of life or gross violations of rights.

What violations have unborn children committed? None.

Capital punishment, war and fetal rights are apples and oranges.

And I oppose capital, and I adhere to the Catholic doctrine of Just War.

Attempting to point to other people's alleged hypocrisy does nothing to address the main argument.

eugene plawiuk said...

Since you beleive in fetal rights I will posit that the logic of your argument is that life begins at conception. I would say that life exists already in the potentia of the egg and sperm, hence using your argument mensuration and masturbation are murder.

There is no Just war, all wars are about building empire. The Vatican no longer having its Holy Roman Empire can sit back and talk about just wars having engaged in five hundred years of unjust wars.

Your morality is hypocritical

Hailey said...

I know it's not the topic but do you really believe there is no just war?

Not even WWII I think that was really our last war that I can fully say was just. It was the right thing to do.