Saturday, October 21, 2006

Vive Le Difference

The difference between Canadians and Americans can be measured by the acceptability of Torture. Canadians don't accept torture. America, China and Israel do.
So do Harper and Ignatieff.

So what does that make them?
Ignorant Americans.

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Ignorance apparently matters too. Last year’s Pew survey showed that the general public in America is far more enthusiastic about the occasional use of torture than are security experts, academics or military leaders. It is tempting to conclude that experts who may have a better idea whether torture is likely to prove useful are less inclined to support its use.
The Economist.

Canadian Soldiers Could be Charged Under International Law

At a press conference organized by the Polaris Institute on April 10, 2006, law professors Michael Byers and Amir Attaran raised concerns that prisoners taken by Canadians in Afghanistan may be subjected to torture once placed under Afghan control. This could leave Canada in violation of our international legal commitments.




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