Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Was It Something I Said?

Garth TurnerThe guy who is closest to being a libertarian in the Conservative party gets the Harper Boot.

Garth Turner suspended from Tory caucus
Ontario MP Garth Turner has been suspended from the federal Conservative caucus for criticizing the prime minister. Government House leader Rahim Jaffer said Wednesday that Turner was ousted on the recommendation ...
Outspoken MP Turner suspended from Tory caucus

Strangely his weblog: The Turner Report is now listed as 403 Forbidden. Censureship under Canada's Man of Steel; the Harper is total. To read it you have to goggle cache it.

Was it something he said? Like this;

While many coming to this blog disagree, my position on Tuesday – when the Harper Administration releases its plan – will be that climate change is the greatest all-round threat this country faces, and that my nation’s government should not let us down with half-measures, a curtsy to junk science or a sell-out to the tar sands.

Or maybe this:

NDP seeks moratorium on income trusts
"It's time for a review," added Conservative MP Garth Turner, a former federal minister of National Revenue. The comments follow the release of a report by tax expert Jack Mintz that once BCE's Bell Canada and Telus Corp. are converted into trusts, the loss in tax revenues will reach $1.1 billion a year, up from what is currently $700 million.

Or this:

Tories under fire over gay-marriage plan
The proposed bill came under fire immediately Wednesday from opposition members, advocacy groups and even those within the Conservative caucus. Tory MP Garth Turner said that such a law could be the "slippery slope" toward protecting bigotry and intolerance, and fellow Tory Art Hanger said Charter protections of religious freedom are "cast in stone," so another law may be unnecessary.

Or this:

Splitting retirement income not a high priority
Conservative Party policy espouses the goal of creating tax fairness for families and reviewing the idea of income splitting for senior couples. Yet, the day before 31 MPs from all parties dropped into a conference on pension splitting this week, Flaherty told reporters: "It's not a high priority, I can tell you." Yet, the income-splitting proposal would benefit more seniors than the Tories' costly capital gains promise. And Halton MP Garth Turner says he found many voters raised the income-splitting issue while he was campaigning for election last winter. It was Turner who co-hosted the Pension Tension conference Tuesday.

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