Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Children of War

In Afghanistan Canadian Troops are using children to act as police while they build roads in Kandahar. Standing on Guard for Thee

Someone should inform War Child that they don't have to look just at Africa for this illegal and immoral use of children as soldiers. Now War Child can bring their protest home.

The roads the soldiers are building
are NOT infrastructure for the Afghani's but are needed for military purposes. Because of course there is no money for Afghani' infrastructure projects in Kandahar.

In fact the roads are being built in order to avoid landmines, which have killed more Canadian soldiers than the Taliban have. And of course cleaning up Landmines internationally is another Canadian campaign, one that has been unable to act in Afghanistan for the past year since the Mission changed from Peacekeeping to a counterinsurgency war.

'Billions more needed' for children in war zones

Save the Children said that in war-torn areas schools are often destroyed or commandeered by troops, and their teachers killed or forced to flee. Without the "safe place" that schools provide for children, youngsters become vulnerable to abuse and are often recruited to fight, it added.

According to the report, in 2003 more than half of armed conflicts around the world used fighters who were under the age of 15. In the past decade, 2 million children have been killed in armed conflict, 6 million have been injured and another 20 million have been forced to flee their homes. "Given that most conflicts last for more than 10 years, children are spending their whole childhoods living in fear and without access to education," it said.


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couchcommander said...

Are you an idiot or just purposefully being dense? The Afghan government is putting these people into the warzone, the Canadian's have little to nothing to do with it and, as I understand it, even oppose the move. Further, painting men in their late teens as children is a wee bit of a stretch (I've never seen you rant about the use of children to defend your rights in either of the world wars). Finally, this is a decision made by Afghans regarding Afghan security, are you trying to quash their right to self determination?

In the end your post is so full of innuendo and purposefully misleading statements that its bordering on libellous.

The Caveman said...

Typical leftist innuendo, obfuscation and outright lying. If you want to blame someone, blame the Afghans - Canada has not and never did recruit children to guard them in Afghanistan.

I'm still astounded that cretins like you exist - and display their ignorance and utter dishonesty with such gusto.

Here... let me be libellous for a moment. "Free-lance writer".. does that mean you can't hold a job?

formerlyhuman said...

Hmm. When I read the news about the Afghan teens being recruited I clearly read that Canada has nothing to do with it. Canada hasn't recruited, trained or equipped these kids. The Afghanistan government has done all this, and the articles I have read clearly state NATO did not want them, preferring trained professional ploice.

How can you publish such a distorted view of the news? Shame on you for attempting to blacken the name of Canada.

eugene plawiuk said...

They are protecting the Canadian Engineering Corps. They are not police but armed children. We have RCMP there to train police, but it takes too long....yes they are Afghani's under a Governor who does not answer to the Karzai Government...If we weren't there this would not be happening....And if you looked to the left I say this is a fair comment blog...that is I comment on the news, so your protests about libel are over the top....

CanEng said...

Why are you misleading your readers with pictures of Palestinian children that are most certainly not an auxiliary police force in Afghanistan? In fact, you are the only one I see using the term “child” where everything else uses “teen.” What does this mean? Is it thirteen or nineteen year olds that are in this force? The news article does not define this (though it does imply this is the minimum age & not the only age of the force). Please don’t present your assumptions as the facts.

Additionally, there is no “Canadian Corps of Engineers.” There are Canadian military engineers and it is possible that they are involved in road construction, but the article talked of contractors building the road.

I must take issue with your assertion that the teens would not be involved security operations if we were not there. If it were not for the UN endorsed ISAF taking much of the combat burden, then far more Afghan youth would have been drawn into fighting long ago.

Btw: Afghani is a currency. An Afghan is a citizen of Afghanistan.

eugene plawiuk said...

I stand corrected on Afgan currency, and on using the outdated CCE. As for teenagers that is the problem in the entire Middle East and the reason that the military politics of Imperialism imposing economic reform on Afhganistan and Iraq has been a failure. The whole region suffers from mass unemployment of young men and women. The average age in Iran is under 30. In Egypt and other Arab countries, it is the same. And all are unemployed.

Having nothing better to do they turn to warfare.