Sunday, November 19, 2006

Harper Supports Morton

In the race for leader to replace Ralph Klein, extreme republican right winger Ted Morton is geting support from his pals in Ottawa. Morton's team has reportedly benefited from lists of supporters from federal Conservatives Stockwell Day and Prime Minister Stephen Harper

As I said this leadership race is important for the whole nation.
one Calgary blogger wrote. "If the **** hits the fan with the Liberals and the Quebec thing, I'm a Morton man."

Its not only the Blogging Tories that are going gaa-gaa over Morton. His campaign is a grassroots social conservative mobilization. The Candian Taxpayers Federation, Jason Kenneys old employer, has ranked Morton #1 in their books.

Be afraid Canada. Be very afraid.
Morton Tory leadership campaign showing surprising strength


Conservative Leadership Race

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Dylan said...

It isn't surprising to me that Morton is getting help from his socon friends in Ottawa, including the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Idiocy.

Do you know what polls are like for the PC leadership candidates? I'm hoping Morton is at least 3 or 4 behind frontrunner Jim Dinning.

eugene plawiuk said...

He is in fifth place see It's close