Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hitchens on Religion

One of Christopher Hitchens redeeming values is that, despite his support for Imperialism, he remains an outspoken atheist.

He described his forthcoming book, God Is Not Great, as "a general case against religion." He says religions promote hatred, while demanding protection from hatred for themselves, usually in the form of censorship, to which he is intensely opposed in all its forms.

"Religion is now in the position of being an optional belief, which is quite new for it. You can say, if you like, that God is behind all this, and people say, 'Well maybe that's a point of view.' But it can no longer be said that God would explain what is otherwise mysterious to us. That's out, it's gone, and I think people haven't fully appreciated how important it is for religion to be one opinion among many on such an important question," he said.

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