Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hockey Fans

Gee who knew the BQ were hockey fans. Bloc MPs boo Don Cherry in House of Commons

I guess we can now call the BQ the Boo-Q.

What has happened to decorum in the house, why the horror of it. Don Cherry booed.

Good thing he has a thick skin and a big fat CBC taxpayer funded salary.

Of course I am surprized more MP's did't boo him considering the loud clothes he wears. Actually he was dressed conservatively as you can see.

And he wasn't just 'dressed' conservatively. Cherry had nice things to say about the Harper, so look for even more polling numbers to drop in Quebec for the Conservatives.

And at least Don has the Cheeries to go where he might get booed unlike our PM.
Critics slam Harper's EU summit cancellation

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