Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our Electric Universe

One of the heretical theories that Professor Velikovsky proposed was that the main force in the universe was not gravity but electromagnatism. It turns out that his prediciton was borne out by discoveries of electrical storms between plants like Jupiter and Saturn and their moons. And by the electrical discharges from the Sun which appear as plasmatic solar flares.

Strongest lightning storm on record strikes Saturn
The most powerful lightning storm ever detected on Saturn has been captured by the Cassini spacecraft – but scientists are still not sure what is causing it. "It is clear that this is the strongest lightning activity that we've seen with Cassini since it arrived at Saturn," says Donald Gurnett at the University of Iowa, US, and RPWS principal investigator. "In fact, the flash rate even exceeds the rate observed by Voyager 1 back in 1980 and the intensities are at least as large, if not larger."

I am proud to say that my Alma Mater the University of Lethbridge had the bravery to grant Doctor Velikovsky with an honorary degree.



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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You went to the University of Lethbridge? That's awesome!

I really like their Green MBA and their overall green stance. Of course, the work they've done with David Korten makes me a big supporter of them as well.

As well, this is a really interesting article and I quite enjoy cosmology, wish I had more time for it actually.

I read Brian Swimme's 'The Universe is a Green Dragon' last summer and was quite impressed. Have you ever read it? How about 'The Universe Story' with Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme? Both really good books I totally recommend.