Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reds Under The Bed

In the early days of the Cold War and during the Post McCarthy Anti-Communist Witch hunts paranoid nutbars of the extreme right found communist conspiracies everywhere. It was the politics of fear; Reds Under The Bed of the None Dare Call It Conspiracy crowd.

With the decline of the New Left at the end of the seventies, McCarthyism rose again in the New Right under Reagan. They launched the new culture wars of the eighties and ninties. The same McCartyhite mentality was used to attack academics, universities etc. It is still going on. As one can see daily on American cable news TV or the attacks on unothodox academics of the left such as Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky.

The Culture War of the Right is really just good old McCarthyism without the power of the Senate and HUAC. But it is no less paranoid, and no less ridiculous. Oh yes it is now being called The War On Christianity.

Marxist Subversion And Perversion Of America's Youth
By Linda Kimball

The plain truth is that both the GSA and Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educators Network (GLSEN), the organization that registers GSAs, are part of a vast, interconnected network of Cultural Marxist front groups known collectively as the New Left. For over forty years, the New Left -- a collection of Marxists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Maoists, and anarchists have been waging a Gramscian style "quiet revolution" for the overthrow of Christianity and America's Constitution, Rule of Law, sovereignty, and way of life.

While propagandists in the media have deftly kept the attention of most folks riveted on what they've been told to believe are the 'real threats' to America, such as gas prices, genuine Christianity, and mad cow disease, Marxist-trained psychopoliticians, propagandists, and change agents have descended upon the schools and are subjecting children and older youth to thought control and social re-engineering methodologies.

Intellectual Indoctrination and Academic Fraud at Temple University
By David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin

The faculty treatments of Marx on the Intellectual Heritage Department website lack the basic apparatus of academic inquiry. No critical literature on Marx and Marxism is offered. There is no confrontation with the most serious question that a thinker like Marx poses, since his ideas have had a vast and vastly destructive impact on the history of mankind, namely: Did these ideas lead directly to the murder of 100 million human beings and the poverty of billions? Judging from the Intellectual Heritage webpages, Temple students are not even aware that this question needs to be asked.

Linda Kimball a fundamentalist evangelical born again right winger goes at it again falsifying history and the facts to create confusion, hysteria to justify her political witchhunt. She is in good company with former New Leftist turned right wing conspiracy theorist David Horowitz.

Kimball blames Gramsci for the subversion of America. Funny that he spent his years in an Italian jail under Mussolini, and died there. His prison notebooks are not exactly a dick and jane reader issued to students in schools.

Horowitz makes the usual right wing claim that Marx=Stalin, which of course is a perjorative canard. That's like saying Adam Smith=The Great Depression which is equally untrue.

For folks complaining of the Left taking over society these intellectual dunces use some flimsy arguments. But then again the basis of the right wing attack on the left is the Big Lie. Repeat the same unfounded accusations over and over again. Hence Kimball and Horowitz=Goebbels.


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