Monday, December 25, 2006

America's God

You will be forgiven if you did not know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, PA. Really. Because Jesus is an American, he is America's God. So says Billy Grahams daughter Anne Graham Lotz on Fox News Sunday.

But I would say that for myself each one of these people that comes into this country, I don't know where they've come from, whether it's Central America or someplace in Africa, but I wonder if while they're here, if God would allow them the opportunity to hear what we call the good news of Jesus Christ.

And so as a religious leader, I'm more concerned with their souls and that while they're here they have the opportunity to hear about what sometimes they describe as America's god, and they think of Jesus identified with America....

So now we know which God talks to George W. Bush. Why America's God of course. After all Jesus was a Texan.

Not Islams God, or Israels God, or Canada's God, or Mexico's God, or China's God (godless marxists), or the EU's God (subject to ratification), or Africa's God(s), or the God of Vatican City, and definetly not the God of Hugo Chavez.

Nope, Jesus is Americas Personal Savior. He is as American as apple pie and Billy Graham. Ands he ain't no damn Freemason neither. Or maybe he is......

Fox shows how Jesus influenced such major turning points in American history as:

  • Columbus's voyage of discovery
  • The arrival of the English puritans and Spanish missionaries
  • The American Revolution
  • The abolition of slavery and the Civil War
  • Labor movements
  • Social and cultural revolutions of the sixties and beyond
  • The swelling tide of Christian voices in the politics and entertainment of today
Fox gives an expert, lively account of all the ways that Jesus is portrayed and understood in American culture.

Of course there is always a Jesus who would disagree about being American.....



Rebel Jesus



Bush's God

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