Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rebel Jesus

This is one of my favorite Christmas Songs. Cause I am a heathen pagan. Originally recorded by the Chieftans, this MP3 is a very nice version. The song was orignally written by Jackson Browne.

And this is the Rebel Jesus that Hugo Chavez worships when he exocrises the Devil Bush.

A hat tip to Catholicanarchy.He did a great job with the song. This is his second free online cd. Check it out. He is another Canadian Anarchist blogger.

I also like his version of John Lennons Merry Xmas, War is Over. Especially the really discordian choir in the background at the end.

Oh and I found a link on his page to another Canadian Christian Anarchist blog.

Them christian anarchists gotta love em, even if we disagree.






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bing said...

Thanks for the links! Glad you enjoyed the music! Peace,

eugene plawiuk said...

And I have downloaded your essay,on Bonnienhofor (sp) for a read later.

Labby said...

I suppose he must have missed the part about "rendering unto Caesar"

bing said...

Not at all. Did some writing on it in fact: