Sunday, December 10, 2006

Turning Off The Nile

Africa's Lake Victoria dropping fast; 'Such a large body of water, dropping so fast'

Not good news, since Lake Victoria is the source for the Nile.

Obviously Envrionment Minister Rona Ambrose missed this part of the Global Warming is Killing Africa Tour, when she was in Kenya for the Kyoto II talks.

And Lake Victoria is not the only large fresh water lake in Africa suffering so is Lake Chad and Lake Tanganyika. The loss of fresh water is having a direct effect on a vast variety of animals in Africa.
Global Warming Could Doom Male Crocodiles

The Mountains of the Moon and other Glaciers are melting at record rates in Africa. A direct result of the carbon emissions increasing in the developed industrialized countries of the world since 1999.

Climate change melting fabled glaciers

KAMPALA (Reuters) - Climate change is melting a legendary ice field in equatorial Africa and may soon thaw it out completely, threatening fresh water supplies to hundreds of thousands of people.

The fabled, snow-capped Rwenzori mountains -- dubbed the "Mountains of the Moon" in travel brochures -- form part of the Uganda/Democratic Republic of the Congo border and are one of Uganda's top tourist destinations.

But warmer temperatures are melting the glaciers sitting on their peaks, with some scientists predicting the ice could be gone within two to three decades.

"Definitely, the glaciers are decreasing," James Magezi-Akiiki, a climate change specialist at Uganda's environment ministry told Reuters.





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