Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anne McLellan Life After Politics

Out of government and not being a member of the ruling party now governing does not prevent Liberal honcho Anne McLellan from being offered perks and courted even by her political opponents.

Anne McLellan

Ms. McLellan, 56, serves as Counsel for Bennett Jones LLP. In addition, she is on the Board of Directors for Nexen, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, Community Outreach Committee for the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and is Chair of the Friends of the Legal Resource Centre. She joined Agrium’s Board in 2006.

She is still in the news as
CTV News analyst Anne McLellan

She now sits on the Nexen board, the first woman appointed to the oil patch as a director. With much gushing from Oilweek Magazine. Whooo Wee, got us a woman in the old boys network.

And she sits on the Board of agribusiness giant; Agrium Inc.

Originally Agrium was
Cominco Fertilizers, and then changed its name. It too relies upon the petrochemical industry to supply it with feed stock.

And she is being courted by the Alberta provincial Tories, since they lack any women in leadership.

Even the government news releases have an air of optimism about them.

One, which announced a government-sponsored conference to get more women involved in municipal politics, opens with this candid comment: "Although women make up half of Alberta's population, when it comes to municipal government only 23 per cent of elected positions are held by women."

It is a refreshingly blunt assessment of the problem, unusual for a government news release. Not only that, the Alberta-sponsored conference has as its keynote speaker a federal Liberal: former-deputy prime minister Anne McLellan, who chaired the Liberal Task Force on Women and Gender Balance in Politics.

And this should come as no surprise as she is a member of the same law firm as Peter Lougheed, a firm with long time Tory connections; Bennett Jones.

We are the only Canadian law firm ever mentioned in Petroleum Economist magazine's top-ten list of law firms with the best knowledge of international energy law;


Anne McLellan

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do you think that politicians should not be allowed to use their experience in office as a snowboard to better employment ?
Personally I think it's criminal behaviour.
Allen Rock, Brian tobin, Brian Mulroney etc. etc. etc.
Are the pensions too low for our top two percent wage earner class

eugene plawiuk said...

All politicians are executive board members of the ruling class.