Thursday, January 11, 2007


Just googling around and I found this little item about the Wheat Board from the folks that want to kill it. It was addressed to Ralph Goodale and is from 2005. Clearly what the Liberals would not grant them Chuck Strahl has. And if you notice from the signatories, they are all Joe and Jane prairie family farmer. Not.

They really should have called their lobby GrainVi$ion. And why would these folks like to dismantle the Wheat Board well...
Wheat Board Kicks 1.6 Billion Into Economy Annually And wouldnt that money be better in these guys pockets. They think so.


The CWB has recognized that changes are coming and has begun an internal restructuring
review. GrainVision maintains that it is essential that everyone with a stake in the industry
participate in restructuring decisions in the industry. A fundamental in-depth review of the grain marketing system in Western Canada needs to occur and cannot only include, or be led by, the CWB. We cannot support closed-door, internal, and unilateral CWB reforms that do not considerthe needs and views of the entire industry.

Substantial deregulation is necessary to ensure the industry’s long-term prosperity and sustainability.

The federal government must play a key role in guiding and implementing the
transition to a more commercial and flexible system that fits within the trading environment of the future.

This is particularly relevant in light of the government’s Smart Regulation initiative
that recognizes that we cannot continue to do things as they have always been done.
GrainVision signatories (attached) urge your Government to immediately initiate broad based, transparent, comprehensive, and inclusive consultations on the transition to a marketing system that:

a) Can adapt to a new trading environment;
b) Encourages the development of value added processing, niche marketing, and
closed loop identity preservation systems; and
c) Fosters innovation, investment, and development.

This is an urgent matter, as adjustments must begin without delay. GrainVision representatives
would like to meet with you within the next two months to discuss these important issues.
We will be contacting you shortly to arrange meetings.

Agricore United
Alberta Barley Commission
Alberta Chambers of Commerce
Alberta Grain Commission
Alberta Rye and Triticale Association
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Cargill Canada Inc.
Grain Growers of Canada
Graminae of Canada
Hayhoe Mills
Husbands Foods
Inland Terminals Association of Canada
James Richardson International Ltd.
John DePape Ltd.
Linnet - The Land Systems Company
North East Terminal Ltd.
Pike Management Group
Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited
Prairie Pasta Producers
Rahr Malting Canada Ltd.
Saskatchewan Canola Growers Association
Western Barley Growers Association
Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association
Western Pasta Growers
Weyburn Inland Terminal Ltd.
Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Inc.


Wheat Board

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