Monday, January 15, 2007

Blogger Beta

So I tried to set up my blog under the New Blogger Beta and everytime I do I can't get in. So WTF is the problem. Well communications of course because nowhere does Blogger tell me this little vital piece of information.....

However, the new features will only be available to users who log in using a Google account, not their Blogger account, and only a small percentage of users will be invited to switch their accounts over initially, Google said: "If you're one of them, you'll see a blue box in the sidebar of your dashboard highlighting the new version of Blogger."

Well duh. Nice of you tell PC World but not your users.



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Anonymous said...

That magazine article is weeks out of date. The log in page at Blogger states "We're already moving some lucky people, but you can cut the line and switch now. New accounts get the new Blogger, of course." Many of us didn't wait and transfered our accounts. Of course we had gmail accounts already. Simply sign up for a google account and transfer your blogs. If you want to make it really easy ask and I'll send you a gmail invite.

eugene plawiuk said...

please do thanks

bigcitylib said...

Except that I still can't transfer over, even with the google account and etc.

I am invited, and yet when I try to sign up it feeds me a line about my blog being "too big", which doesn't seem that likely an explanation.

Werner Patels said...

There are still a lot of problems. Yes, you do need to have a Google account (but not necessarily Gmail). Google, apparently, has decided to streamline the whole user system by making everyone use one account for all Google services, which include Blogger, Google Groups, etc.

One thing that still doesn't work is the login for the dashboard. There's a box to check to have your computer remember you and keep you logged in, but every time you close your browser and come back later, you have to log in all over again. So, their cookie is faulty.

Nice new picture, Eugene!

eugene plawiuk said...

A shucks thanks werner actually its my evil twin brother....heh heh