Monday, January 15, 2007


The payola for headlines scandal has had the Canadian political blogosphere all in a tizzy for the past few weeks, since it was revealed that Pierre Bourque uses his news site/aggregator to plant paid for headlines.

Now its made the national news.

Headlines on Internet news sites can be bought

For a very outspoken guy who comments on his site and in his headlines with political comments he was nowhere to be found to answer the reporters questions.

Now Bourque is his own headline...Except on his own site....People who live in glass houses.....


"Canada's Matt Drudge" - Pierre Bourque's webservice is a source for breaking political news and gossip.

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More comments on this latest Bourque story here.....and as of this edit, 8 am MDT Bourque has still not added the news story about him to his front page.....


Media Bias


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