Sunday, January 07, 2007

Elizabeth May Closet Liberal

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, interviewed on CTV's Question Period today spent most of her time attacking Jack Layton. Using Liberal talking points.

Like how the NDP brought down the government last year just when the International Climate Change Conference was happening, why that's straight off Scott Reids talking notes for the 2006 election. A challenge that the Liberals have used for the past year in attacking the NDP.

And how the NDP and Conservatives are collaborating on the Climate Change Accord in order to prop up the Harper government. Straight from the Liberal press clippings.

Clearly she see's Jack Layton and the NDP as her biggest threat.

She admited that the Greens took votes from the NDP and Conservatives in the London byelection. And she is thinking of running again there.

Is there a potential merger here between the Greens and Liberals......since they share the same talking points and share a common opponent; the NDP.

Luckily Jack and the NDP can take credit that they get things done in parliament, something neither Green Party or the Liberals can.


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Anonymous said...

It's ironic to me how one day Elizabeth May is saying she's a different kind of politician, that she'll work with anyone and that the most important thing is doing something about climate change and to heck with partisan politics. The next day she's criticising Jack Layton for working with the Conservatives (not to mention all the other parties)on the Climate Change Act.

It seems to me that it's Jack Layton who is putting aside partisan politics and at least trying to work with the government (that CANADIANS ELECTED) to get some immediate action on climate change. It may not work but surely it's worth a try?

As for the Liberal/May spin about the NDP being responsible for bringing down the Liberals - that's complete bull - Hello, the LIBERALS were responsible for bringing down the Liberals. Whether the election was on January 23 or 6 weeks later, the Canadian electorate were still going to punish the Liberal party, we just had 6 less weeks of deathbed conversions (to issues they ignored for 13 years) and empty, desperate promises.

eugene plawiuk said...

And last time I checked it was the BQ and Conservatives that had the majority votes, and had been chomping at the bit to bring down the Liberals. The NDP offered the Liberals a crucial choice, expand the Canadian Health Act to include provisions against expansion of privatization, and they balked. Hence they choose their own execution date.

Anonymous said...

If May runs again in London-North-Centre, it will be because she wants out of the Green party's lead role. It's political suicide for her to run here again, and she must know that by now.

Everyone who participated in that by-election knows that the Liberals had so much raw support that they barely even needed to run a campaign.

I suspect that May knows her chances of winning London-North-Centre are nil and that Glen Pearson's hounds would eat her alive if she showed up back here.

So it's all well and good for her to talk about coming back here, but at the end of it all, I suspect that talk has more to do with being courteous to all of the people in London who voted for her then it does with her intentions to come back and commit political suicide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great information. It is important to have information about the Green Party's merits, as they are going to be the biggest threat to the NDP in the future. Honestly, I never really thought of her to be this partisan and as political (meaning that she likes to play political games like the Liberals), but I guess she really is!

Devon Rowcliffe said...

You're being over the top, Eugene. She didn't go out of her way to attack Layton. She was asked by Craig Oliver on Question Period as to whether it might not be politcally astute for Layton to work with Harper, and she gave her personal opinion. It was hardly the unprovoked mudslinging politics of usual.

If you watched May on CBC's Mansbridge One on One this weekend (the video clip is linked to on my blog), she clearly complimented the federal NDP's environmental platform, and Jack Layton personally for his record on the environment as a municipal politician.

After your party's negative campaign at the recent London-North-Centre by-election, I'd be a bit more careful about casting such partisan-dripping stones if I were you.

Devon Rowcliffe said...

If you want to see the Mansbridge clip, it's available here:

Apologies for the reckless plug, but Blogger seem to have cut the link between my Blogger profile and my blog (likely due to yet more Beta problems).