Sunday, January 07, 2007

Peter MacKays Child Bride

So Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay has made another of the governments surprise visits to Afghanistan.

Being a single guy I wonder if he was looking for a child bride.


Our Allies In Afghanistan Oppress Women

Womens Oppression Continues In Afghanistan

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Anonymous said...

you really are an idiot. to suggest that Peter Mackay is a pedofile or even to make a joke about it is pathetic at best (almost like the NDP).
obviously you have no touch on reality, or what statements like that, even if it is meant as a joke would have on your 'opinion'.

eugene plawiuk said...

pedofile is that a foot in a filing cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Good thing McKay wasn't there looking for a little boy He could sue you for 17k.

Whatcott's exploits caught up with him when he handed out flyers, revealing that Saskatchewan's leading gay magazine, Perceptions, had published an advertisement for a man seeking a relationship with a boy.

Ontario Lad said...

If they have sick idiots like you running the show at Blogging Dippers, it is no wonder that hardly anyone takes you guys seriously.

You are going to find that you've bitten off more than you can chew with this idiotic comment about Mr. McKay. And once you discover that for yourself, we are going to watch you undoubtedly spin like a top and backpeddle; all the while trying to sound convincing while saying "I was only joking".

I can just imagine the uproar if he had said something like this about anyone Opposite to him politcally, You guys would be storming the castle like bloodthirsty savages hunting for his head.

Disagreeing with Mr. McKay because of his Party's policies is one thing. Making a crass comment that he is there looking for his own child bride, as if he were some sort of pedophile, is something else entirely. Its sick.

Do you think Mr. McKay is never going to see this, that it will remain hidden forever? He would be well within reason to demand a public retraction and apology from you. And if that isn't forthcoming, to sue your sorry ass into insolvency.

Zog said...

So Afghanistan, only recently freed from the Taliban and still wrcked by guerilla warfare isn't a beacon of human rights. This is news?

What is your solution oh All Seeing One? Give the country back to the Taliban so that they can reinstitute their reign of terror -starting with the extermination of everyone who ever worked for an aid agency or co-operated in any way with the Nato forces?

Face reality ferchrisakes.

Eic said...

You are one sick puppy!

Mark said...

Well, there goes forty five second of my life down the "libertarian communist" (is that supposed to be funny?) sinkhole. I'd call you an egghead, based on the apparent shape of your head, but the term has undeserved intellectual connotations.

People like you make me question whether this whole internet-revolution-You-are-Time's-Person-of-the-Year thing is really worth it.

Tom said...

Mr Plawiuk, you are a fool. I did check out your link to the child bride story, and yes, it does rip your heart out. We are so very fortunate in this country. Why a fool such as yourself would make a public comment such as you have is something a normal person would never understand. If this is the way the left wing brain thinks and if this is the type of thoughts in it, it is one more example why I am not a left winger.

Anonymous said...

I hope your hair falls out and you are forced to live in some god-forsaken place like Edmonton AB.

You slag Peter McKay using the misery of others as a backdrop.

You are a fat commie and the opposite of anything good and decent.

Anonymous said...

Hey you commie bastard, how much money in brown envelopes did you get from Sgro/Volpe for helping them import women from the Ukrain to Canada to be lapdancers and prostitutes?

Anonymous said...

Are you vying to take over MyBlahg and Canadian Cynic for being the most juvenile blogger in Canadian politics?

eugene plawiuk said...


Anonymous said...


I can imagine what you would say if someone said anything about Jack Layton having a thing for young Asian chicks. You would go ballistic.

Such is the hallmark of theleft. They can say about the right, but if anyone dares sayas anything about the left, they are; (fill in the usual name calling here)

On the plus side, I am pleased as punch you are on the side of the leftists... At least you paint a true color of what the majority of your ilk believe...

eugene plawiuk said...

Troll, troll, troll, all these anon my ass trolls.

Anonymous said...

Man, you're 52 years old... Isn't it time you grew up?

Saskboy said...

"Man, you're 52 years old... Isn't it time you grew up?" says "Anonymous" on some guy's blog. :-)

eugene plawiuk said...

Anonmyass said "Jack Layton having a thing for young Asian chicks" I think you have confused him with Woody Allen. Wait a minute Olivia Chow is younger than Jack

eugene plawiuk said...

Pedophila is the product of authoritarian patriarchical culture.

ScottSA said...

I can just see you with a high pitched effeminate voice squeeking out the above and utterly meaningless bumper sticker slogan, hot off Glaoria Steinem's press circe 1970. What a tool.

You note that US allies "oppress women". Unlike the Taliban, of course who merely shoot them to avoid the pain of "oppression".

I could go on outlining the lame halfwit banalities here, but heck what's the point?

eugene plawiuk said...

Ouch you cut me to the quick Scott. You certainly told me off. Yep sissy, seems to be a problem for you macho guy. We do have to wonder about your use of the term....several times including in your profile.

For a guy who claims he 'writes', you managed to reprint word for word Michael Corens latest column from the Sun, without comment. Which I think qualifies as palagarism, or at least you owe his publisher Quebecor for reprinting a copyright article.

lolita said...

I am disappointed to see all the trolls taking over in Canada. I'm use to them in U.S. We have more authoritarian ped0philes than I can count. The good news is more have been caught. But like former U.S. Attorney General Gonzales, overlooking a monstrous Texas reform school that used those boys for years, not enough justice. It's not only the ped0philes, it's everyone complicit who ignores this. Including trolls.

The cultist, Warren Jeffs, is now on trial and that gruesome lifestyle is getting exposure. Unfortunately, Utah judges give these people a break when it comes to sentencing. The Catholic church is most known for giving ped0philes a pass, they are only recently having to sell properties and feeling a pinch for turning their backs on children.

After reading the trolls, I'd say Canada has a big denial problem. The U.S., too, maybe just a little less. Keep up the good work. There is no aspect of Afghanistan that is acceptable for any child.

The trolls here, as you can see from comments, have their reasons they would not want any attention on this.

Where it says "See here for the SENLIS report complete with photos of child labourers." the "here" link doesn't work. Thanks for your blog, I appreciate what you're doing. You probably saw this: U.S. Secret Air War Pulverizes Afghanistan and Iraq Sat, 2007-09-15 Secrets are big in U.S. today, that one is giving me the worst nightmares.