Thursday, January 18, 2007

Poll Trolls

Ah there is joy in big blue Blogging Tory land, an online poll has put the Harpocrites in the lead on the environment.

"Who do you think would do a better job of protect
18-01-07, 4:23 am @ Small Dead Animals
Another poll going horribly blue .......

Enviroment Poll
18-01-07, 4:22 am @ I am (also) Canadian
Online of course - Who do you think would do a better job of protecting the environment?Conservatives 3339 votes (41 %)Liberals 2246 votes (27 %)NDP 1517 votes (18 %)Other 1137 votes (14 %) Total Votes: 8239

Ahem, attention, this is an ONLINE poll which means it is about as reliable and valid as well an online poll. It gets trolled and partisans click and vote, since there is no restrictions on voting more than once. It's a Troll Poll.

Nothing more to see here, lets move on.



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