Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thank God for SSM

Canadian marriage rate plateaus: StatsCan

Thank god for Gay Marriage it meant that actual marriages in Canada last year did not just plateau but would have declined without them.

Canada gay-wedding central

And the truth finally comes out, the Christian Right Wing admits that marriage is not sacred just another contractual obligation like any other business dealing.

"Why, why is Canada issuing marriage licences to people from another country? We wouldn't issue a business licence to a company that had no intention of staying in the country." said Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of the Canadian Family Action Coalition

And more and more folks recognize that marriage is an 'institution' and has nothing to do with sex or freedom to love ....In fact the biggest decline in marriage can be attributed not to SSM but to common law relationships, which were finally recognized, after the State recognized no fault divorce and divorced itself from the Church as moral law maker.

Marriage no longer the norm for American women

More people are saying I don’t
Low marriage rate reflects changing relationships, more cohabitation

In the absence of a reasonable period of courtship in which the couple get to know each other, and conduct a protracted evaluation process, marriages are liable to be incompatible, and unstable. Early marriages are also more likely to end in divorce.

"This gradual rise in the average age at first marriage is largely due to couples cohabiting and delaying marriage

Actress Sushmita Sen doesn't believe marriage is a prerequisite to share bed with a person one loves. “For me marriage is a mutual trust between friends. Tying a knot just for the sake of it is not marriage in its true sense. If I trust someone fully, the relationship is no less than marriage,” said Sushmita. She said she had no problem with living in a relationship. “Marriage is not a must for having sex. I have no problem with living in a relationship with someone who I trust fully and giving birth to his child.”

But the good news is....

About 95% of U.S. residents have premarital sex by age 44, according to a Guttmacher Institute report published Tuesday in the January/February issue of Public Health Reports, the AP/Chicago Tribune reports (Crary, AP/Chicago Tribune, 12/19).

And in some cases it's a good thing that some institutions did not get married, Mon dieu.

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