Friday, January 26, 2007

Right Wing Drive By Smearing

The MSM and Blogosphere is all aghast over the dirty tricks from the rightwing media accusing Clinton of dissing Obama.

But lost in the media glare was this attack on Democratic Presidential contender Bill Richardson. And it is even slimier than the attacks on Obama and Clinton.

Bill Richardson Has Unanswered Questions Regarding Alleged Child Predator
there are unanswered questions about Richardson's relationship with famed artist RC Gorman. In October of 1997, the FBI began collecting information regarding numerous suspected sexual relationships RC Gorman had with children that spanned over 20 years. Did Bill Richardson know about RC Gorman's alleged illegal activities that involved transporting children across state kines....In an interview on the acclaimed podcast "You Are The Guest" award winning journalist Vern Beachy who conducted his own investigative news reports tells what he learned about RC Gorman back in 1999 and shares brand new information including the depth of Gorman's association with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and several catholic priests.


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Anonymous said...

I don't think it's as big a stink as you make ti out to be, but Richardson should just clear things up before it gets outta hand.

Also I must say that i'm shocked to find myself in agreement with you about Richardson. If there was one Dem candidate i'd like to see become Prez, it'd be him. I hold him in quite high regard


Lets see how many times is that you have agreed with me....let me count the ways...there is hope for you yet.

I don't think this smear is going to go far or carry much weight, but it does show that the right wing will use ad homiem attacks and dirty tricks to avoid debating the real issues.

Expect more Swift Boating in this election as the Republican fail to find anyone who can run from the centre and be anti-war. Their only hope is actually Chuck Hagel. But for obvious reasons he will not get the support of the Rebulican Base. So preverted by special interests that even Barry Goldwater abandoneds it under Reagan.

McGuire said...

There's hope for the party if my man McCain gets the nomination. How I wish he won in 2000