Friday, January 26, 2007

Blogging Tories Continue To Slander Arar

While the Grande Formage his-self today apologized for the Canadian Government, the RCMP and CSIS treatment of Maher Arar there are those in his peanut gallery over at the Blogging Tories that continue to spread the lie that Arar is Al-Quaeda or a terrorist, or....

Despite their Great Leader saying today that a Canadian Judicial Inquiry found no basis for these accusations.

It would be poetic justice for Arar and his family if after they sue the US Government, successfully, and get a full US Senate Hearing that they put aside some of the $10.5 million to sue the asses off these dweebs.....

Ten Million Dollar Man
Dissonance And Disrespect | 26 Jan 2007 | 9:19am EST
If Maher Arar is truly innocent of having links to Al-Qaeda, $10 million will hardly compensate him for the torture he suffered in Syria.If, however, he is guilty of some other dirty business, then he just hit the jackpot.But lost in all the controversy about Arar's treatment in Syria is that his experience demonstrates the downside of dual citizenship.

Arar’s ten million bucks
deepsouth | 26 Jan 2007 | 11:21am EST
Ten million bucks eh? Well good for him - if in fact he’s the innocent he claims to be. Oh, I know he’s been cleared and the RCMP convicted, but there’s a worm at the heart of the story - a worm that’s bothered me about it since the first Arar headlines hit the news. Syria is a terrorist sponsor state - a state that has good connections to Islamic terrorism worldwide

Hopefully that will be the end of that..
47 minutes ago
by Jordan Alcock
Maher Arar is now officially a multi-millionaire, and the government can finally
move beyond the whole mess. Somehow, I doubt this will be the end of it

Still, if getting sent to Syria and tortured for a year means $10.5 million in the pocket - sign me up!

halls of macadamia
This has been one sensational media ride, but I think I must have missed the coverage of Arar publicly renouncing his Syrian citizenship. It seems obvious, now that he's a wealthy man, he'll need to protect himself against any "misunderstanding" from the Syrian Rubber Hose Brigade when he's travelling anywhere in the future.
And Bourque the Conservative payola headline writer was equally offensive today

Now compare those statements with this one from the Libertarian Reason Blog;

To recap: The Canadians, the original source of the tip that made U.S. officials think Arar was a terrorist, have completely repudiated the allegation, but the Americans are sticking to it, based on secret information the Canadians find unpersuasive. I'd like to believe our government is being extra careful, preferring to err on the side of safety. But I suspect it is actually being extra careless, refusing to admit the possibility of error.



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Saskboy said...

The dirty rotters.

catnip said...

I referenced your roundup in my latest post, Eugene.