Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trotskyist Cults

The Trotskyist movement is one of full of sectarian splinter groups of all kinds and it has given rise to a prolific number of political movements of both the left and the right.

The movement itself once centred around a broad based left opposition to Stalin called the Fourth International, which soon after being founded became a cult of the Old Man himself, not unlike other Bolshevik Cult of Personalities.

It did so by Trotsky ousting and denouncing other members of the Anti-Stalinist Left like the Spanish POUM and the libertarian-socialist Victor Serge.

Post WWII Trotskyism further dissolved into various political tendencies, icnluding lots of little cults of personalities. It also fragmented because many post WWII leftists included a wide assortment of those who saw the Soviet Union as state capitalist, or as being ruled by a new bueraucratic elite.

The later became hardbitten anti-Soviet liberals during the long cold war, and founding fathers of the neo conservative movement.

And some Trotskyists went even further right as we can see with Lyndon LaRouche. He would feel right at home with these guys.


Juan R Posadas was no ordinary Trotskyite; socialists from outer space, the benefits of nuclear war and communication with dolphins were all part of his revolutionary programme. Matt Salusbury tells the story of one of the World’s strangest political thinkers.

The word ‘bizarre’ does no justice to the Posadist belief system. While writing this article, I joked to a friend that the Posadists had everything except a Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory. Then I came across the January 1964 edition of Red Flag with four pages of closely printed, incomprehensible rant on Why The Pentagon Killed Kennedy, by J Posadas.

Of course Posadas was right about one thing, in order to really achieve colonisation of space we need socialism, as Star Trek proves.



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