Wednesday, January 03, 2007

UFO News

The Truth Is Out There......2007 begins with a flurry of UFO reports.

UFO crashes in SA
2007-1-2 23:13
Pretoria - A UFO was sighted at Lephalale, where it was described as a strange object "on an orange cloud, singing like a million turbines" - hitting the earth with a bang at 04:33 on Saturday. That's according to Leonie Ras, the administrative manager of Lephalale (Ellisras) who witnessed the spectacle at her daughter's farm just east of the town on Saturday morning.

01-01-07 O'Hare Airport Denies UFO Reports-Employees Disagree

Published January 1, 2007-It sounds like a tired joke--but a group of airline employees insist they are in earnest, and they are upset that neither their bosses nor the government will take them seriously. A flying saucerlike object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before bolting through thick clouds with such intense energy that it left an eerie hole in overcast skies, said some United Airlines employees who observed the phenomenon.fnord

The French space agency plans to publish its archive of UFO sightings
and other phenomena online but keep the names of those who reported them off the site to protect them from the pestering of space fanatics.

And while the North American media covered President Gerald Ford's funeral yesterday they did not mention this in their eulogies.

Michigan UFO Wave of 1966

"In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that (swamp gas) thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject."- President Gerald Ford (during his years as a US Congressman). fnord


Space Litter

Suffield Base Canada's Area 51

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