Wednesday, January 03, 2007

La versus Le

Its my excuse and mes excuses.

Yep the spelling of La Revue Gauche is wrong. Note it should be La not Le. As in La Revue Gauche.

Somehow in the transposition of using a translator I put ' e' in place of 'a', too late now though.

Thanks to all the Francophones who have commented or emailed me about the tragedy of my linguistic ignorance.

However since this blog has been online for two years, and you only noticed now, well I ain't changing it. Live with it.

Consider it a play on words. Perhaps I should have called it L'eh Revue Gauche to be truly Canadian. In your mind say La instead of Le and lets leave it at that. La, la, la.

You say potato, I say potato
Lets call the whole thing off

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