Monday, January 01, 2007

What CNN Won't Show You

The Sunday talk news shows were full of reports of Saddam Hussiens death yesterday. But like CNN they praised themselves for restraint from showing his execution. An execution ordered by America. They just can't face the consequences of their actions. So for them here is his execution courtesy of YouTube. Which is why YouTube is the Time Person of the Year. And which is why CNN website will show you the videos of the execution, they just won't show them on TV.

The self righteousness of the MSM over not showing the Saddam execution is pitiful.

I don't believe in televising executions, though in this case it should have been. To show the Americans the logical consequences of their illegal war based on lies.

It has cost many lives including Saddams. What was embarassing to the American cause and its Media is the execution shows people screaming and jeering at a helpless Hussien. Spitting on him and despising him personally not for his crimes but for his political power. His trial and execution was never about Justice, but simple revenge.

He was the ultimate sacrifice for Eid.
The scapegoat.

I believe that the heads of all the states victims should be preserved and placed in the legislatures behind the opposition benches to remind the government of its actions.

If you are going to commit the capital crime of state executions you should be willing to do the time, with your dead victims staring at you.


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