Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Al Gore A Tory?

File this under all is fair in love and war and politics...

In answer to a question in Palrliament today, Environment Minister, and Mouth that Roared, John Baird, he who is never without a newspaper to quote from, quoted Al Gore saying that Canada punched above its weight when it comes to championing the environment.

(source unkown and you will have to wait till tommorow for the exact quote to appear in Hansard)

My, my will wonders never cease. It's the Jolly Green Make Over of the Tories.

Of course we know this is all this recent conversion on the road to Paris, they still deny Kyoto, is superficial.

After all remember the last time a Tory Minister quoted Al Gore.

I hope they all plan to attend this event, if not to embrace Gore at least to get his autograph,

Former US vice-president Al Gore will give a public lecture at the University of Toronto Feb. 21, addressing the threat of global climate change. ...




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Miles Lunn said...

I highly doubt Al Gore would be a Tory. It is a true a lot of the Blue Dog Democrats would probably be Tories if they were in Canada, but Al Gore isn't one of them. In fact I recall him in fact saying Harper's election was a bad thing for Canada.

eugene plawiuk said...

I was being facicious.