Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I was always a Progressive Conservative, I am a Progressive Conservative and the Liberals are Progressive Conservative, said Garth Turner in his press conference with Liberal Leader Stephane Dion. And Dion didn't blink.

Well that settles that. We now know what 'progressive' means when Liberals and Liberalbloggers use it. Small p for progressive, small c for conservative.

The Big Red Tent is home for Red Tory's; Turner, Stronach, Brison.

I look forward to Garth blogging at Liberalbloggers and Progressive Bloggers since he was unceremoniously kicked off the Blogging Tories several months ago.

Of course it won't be the same old principled independent Garth of the past year because he has agreed to abide by caucus and party solidarity, Dion said so. Well maybe, I couldn't see Garths hands he may have had his fingers crossed when he said Yes, when asked by reporters.

And while there are few tears being shed over at the Blogging Tories, well lets just say they are the hardline right.

And while Garth may be a maverick, his sharp knife jabs at Harper and the Conservative party, at the press conference, claiming they abandoned their PC and Reform roots for the politics of fear, well that says a lot.

The centrist politics of the Dion Liberals bodes ill for the Harpocrites. After all as Garth said his choice was Liberals or Green. NDP never crossed his lips.

So folks if ya want to really be progressive and not just PC well then ya gotta move left.


Garth Turner

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