Friday, February 23, 2007

Anti-Terrorism Act Abolished

I guess this takes the wind out of the Conservatives erroneous claims that the Anti-Terrorism Act is supported even by the Supreme Court.

This decision was unanimous.

Court strikes down security certificates

The Supreme Court of Canada

Federal Government has one year to craft a new system, court says

We didn't have to wait for March 1 either for the sunset clauses, which were the most offensive assault on our civil liberties, to expire.

Mr. Harper said it was "dangerous" to defeat the measures.

"I can assure you that we have all kinds of security information that indicates that there are very real circumstances under which these provisions could be used," he said. "I think the facts are clear here. It's a simple question of whether we have the leadership as a Parliament to do the right thing when we have to do the right thing, regardless of the kind of pressure we may feel from our caucuses."

Once again the Judiciary defends the civil liberties of Canadians that the State would eliminate for the good of "Law and Order" that is their police and spies.

As for Harper, yesterday he recruited families of the Air India tragedy to bolster his case and further isolate the Liberals. He cited RCMP plans to use the anti-terror law's compulsory hearings to force reluctant witnesses to testify in the ongoing investigation of the 1985 terrorist bombing. In short, civil rights should continue to be suspended to compensate for shoddy police work. The RCMP bungled its first investigation by destroying evidence; it has had three years since the acquittals of two prime suspects to invoke investigative hearings. Why hasn't it? Its defenders say there wasn't time; witnesses are hard to locate. Or is it just that the RCMP, or any police force, does not want to give up blunt tools that may offend soft-on-crime whiners, but could some day be useful?


Anti-Terrorism Act

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1 comment:

Mike said...

A great day for those who value Liberty. A bad day for authoritarian bed-wetters.