Sunday, February 18, 2007

As American As Apple Pie

Remember all those NASCAR Dads the Republicans appealed to in the 2004, election? Turns out their sports heroes are just as immoral as the politicians they elected. So much for the moral majority. It has gone the way of the dodo bird, if it ever existed at all. After all cheating and bribery are as American as apple pie.

As Nextel Cup teams prepared for the grand kickoff of the stock-car racing season with today's Daytona 500, NASCAR continues to fight fires, from tweaking the championship "Chase" rules to a cheating scandal which engulfed several of the biggest stars and teams in the series, including Michael Waltrip and Jeff Gordon

Stop cheating in sports?: An impossible dream

We've been a part of it in the past,'' Jeff Gordon said of his own brushes with cheating. ''Most people have. But I think NASCAR continues to try to set the precedent to prevent it from happening, and the fines go up, the penalties are more severe, and yet we still continue to see it.''


Simple. As Bud Fox said in the movie ''Wall Street,'' ''There's no nobility in poverty anymore.'' Once one guy sacrifices moral principle for the almighty dollar, which is bound to happen, it puts the next guy's job in jeopardy. Minor league baseball players used to (and maybe still do) face this everyday. They would stand their ground, refuse to juice, then watch as another guy who does use steroids takes their spot in the lineup.

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Cliff said...

And here's a piece about the dissonance between stated morality and reality among Christianists. A 27% divorce rate among born agains compared to 21% among agnostics and athiests!

eugene plawiuk said...

And the Daytona 500 was great in the last ten rounds as we had crashes galore and an unexpected winner.