Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Glass Half Full

CTV / Globe and Mail focused their reporting about their latest poll on Mr. Dion vs Mr. Harper, as usual.

That's a glass half empty.

On the other hand the glass is half full.

As their polling also shows that at this point it is just as likely to be Mr. Layton vs. Mr. Harper.

Meanwhile, when asked which party leader had the clearest vision of where he wants to take the country, Harper showed a significant lead over his rivals (percentage-point change from a Dec. 3-4 poll in brackets):

  • Stephen Harper: 50 per cent (+ 18)
  • Stephane Dion: 22 per cent (- 16 from when Paul Martin was leader)
  • Jack Layton: 20 per cent (+ 1)
  • Gilles Duceppe: 8 per cent (- 4)

More than half of respondents also felt that Harper is the most decisive of the party leaders.

  • Harper: 53 per cent
  • Dion: 19 per cent
  • Layton: 20 per cent
  • Duceppe: 8 per cent

Dion also lost out on charisma, which he himself defended shortly after becoming leader of his party.

"I would not have been able to win this race if I had not been able to connect with Canadians ... I have a capacity to communicate with passion and with reason," he said last December.

But respondents seem to have felt otherwise in the poll. Here are the results when voters were asked who was the most charismatic (percentage-point change from a Dec. 3-4 poll in brackets):

  • Harper: 35 per cent (+ 18)
  • Dion: 20 per cent (- 9 from when Martin was leader)
  • Layton: 36 per cent (- 2)
  • Duceppe: 10 per cent (- 4)
Lack of charisma, indecisive, and a whiner.....Dion slams Tory attack ads; wants Harper to withdraw them as matter of honour

Yep, it's as much a race between the NDP and Conservatives as it is the Liberals and Conservatives. Between Layton and Harper as much as it is Dion versus Harper.

And it's a dead heat on the environment. So much for the greening of the Liberals under Dion.

If there is a party in Canada facing a failure in leadership this poll shows only one; The Liberals.

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