Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yep and this is how it begins. Charest to play up Quebec's nation status

Parliament accepting Quebec is a Nation did not bury the debate.

It was Stephen Harper playing Pandora.

And now the cat is out of the bag and the nation is out of the box.

And Charest is offering a third way between Trudeau Federalism and BQ/PQ Separatism/Sovereignty. Autonomy within a federal system.

"Yes, Quebec is a nation. Quebec is a force for change within Canada and a Liberal government represents this locomotive of change for Canadian federalism," Mr. Charest told more than 2,500 delegates at a party pre-election meeting on Saturday.

If re-elected, the Quebec Liberals say they will hold the first-ever summit of autonomous regions and federated states that would include Catalonia, Wales and Scotland in seeking a greater voice in international forums. The pledge was part of the election platform adopted by the delegates.

But as usual this change in Federalism is from above and not from the people. It is a change in government relations not in governance.

The true sociological doctrines of modern times can be summed up in a few words: Recognizing that, in the political and temporal order, the only legitimate authority is the one to which the majority of the nation has given its consent; that are wise and beneficial constitutions only those for which the governed have been consulted, and to which the majorities have given their free approbation; that all which is a human institution is destined to successive change; that the continuous perfectibility of man in society gives him the right and imposes him the duty to demand the improvements which are appropriate for new circumstances, for the new needs of the community in which he lives and evolves.

1867 Speech of Louis-Joseph Papineau at the Institut canadien


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