Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Room for Red Tories

The Conservative government has turfed party luminary Hugh Segal from the helm of a high-profile Senate committee

And it was Foreign Affairs. After the issued a scathing report on Afghanistan, that while supports the governments concerns about NATO commitment does not recommend continuation of Canada's involvement if NATO cannot get more support from its EU members.

The fact, as the article points out, that he also voted against the Government on three occasions in this sitting of the Senate must have pissed them off.

So they sicked Conservative Senate House Leader Marjorie LeBreton after him.

If you are a Red Tory there is no room under Harpers big blue tent for you.

LeBreton who is a pillar of Senate Caucus integrity, is on the board of MADD.

I wonder how it is going with the fraud allegations around MADD fund raising.

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SUZANNE said...

No room for Red Tories? What's Marjory LeBreton?

Werner said...

This is probably unrelated but interesting anyway ... at least I think so. When I posted an smallish item by Hugh Segal which presented (quite eloquently I thought) his support for a guaranteed annual income I got several "hits" on my blog from the House of Commons ISP directed to that one posting. [These guys don't use Rogers or any of the other regular providers naturally.] Seems strange since they certainly don't need me to tell them something that is likely common knowledge among MPs. This probably just means that members and their researchers have a great deal of time on their hands so they spend hours and hours surfing.

eugene plawiuk said...

Suzanne; She is an Opportunist.

eugene plawiuk said...

Werner; I get hits like that too we should be happy it's from MPs. Don't want to start getting hits from oh Canada Revenue or say CSIS.....