Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I wonder what Conservative Senate House Leader and Secretary of State Marjorie LeBreton who is on the Board of MADD had to do with this. But wait she approved the Conservatives doing the same thing to Garth Turner.
Just another case of blaming the whistle blower. And the corporation and its board justify ripping off customers by turfing the founder and keep doing business as usual.

The founder of MADD Canada was voted off of two of the organization’s key committees following a public spat over the way it raises funds.

John Bates, who established Mothers Against Drunk Driving and was awarded the Order of Canada for his work with the organization, says he feels betrayed.

“I am getting old. I am nearly 80 years old and I put an awful lot of money and energy into this — and I have been there since the very beginning when it was almost expected to drink and drive,” said Bates, who believes he is being punished for speaking out about what he calls the organization’s questionable fundraising techniques.

Bates accused MADD of spending 81per cent of all money raised on fundraising and administration costs — leaving only 19 per cent to run the programs donated dollars are intended for.



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