Monday, February 05, 2007

Not Man Enough To Be PM

Stephane Dion is a girly man says the Ottawa Citizen.

Everything about Dion seems soft, from his handshake to his policies. His appearance at the Citizen editorial board Friday confirmed the fears I had when the Liberals chose him as their leader. Dion is a verbose, mild-mannered academic with a shaky grasp of English who seems unfit to chair a university department, much less lead a country.

Randall Denley
The Ottawa Citizen

Yep not man enough to be PM unlike our current Manly Man PM Stevie boy.

What a cheap shot, and it has the Blogging Tories all a buzz. Well at least Dion doesn't suffer from baby fat.




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Ken Chapman said...

I am more curious about the Ottawa Citizen's agenda. Commentary based on "softness" language skills and baby fat comments are so superficial.

The column feds a prejudice about the old-styl typical media reaction. Therer are the "soft" (aka "lazy") journalists who mostly want a politician to give them a "bone" in the form of a pithy quote or a gaffe. Do it and you are now a "good" politician.

To actually expect sustained attention on complex matters gets you tagged as "verbose?" To be respectful and polite becomes "mild mannered?" And this adds up to being "...unfit to lead this country."

I can only imagine the leaps of logic one must have to go through to reach such a conclusion abased on one Editorial Board.

I think I am starting to see just how much of a hassle female politicians really go through with such triteness.

I will listen to the Editorial Board meeting on the newspapers website too...and make up my own mind. Good of them to publish the whole thing so we can make up our own minds.

eugene plawiuk said...

It was a very 'personal' attack, which says much about the author and little about Dion.

vicki said...

Well Ken and Eugene...have you listened to the audio? We will wait patiently for you interpretations.It will be very interesting to see what you can spin out of the interview. the questions were very good.