Monday, February 05, 2007

Venezuelan Contras

Venezuelan Contras now in Florida are teaming up with their reactionary brethren in the Cuban Contra community in developing propaganda radio broadcasts to Venezuela.

The Miami Herald's near-continuous front-page coverage of developments in Venezuela is beginning to look less like objective reporting and more like a crusade against President Hugo Chávez and his government. I'm not saying that the reports themselves are slanted, although sometimes they border on it, especially the headlines. Rather, the pattern, frequency and the way they are displayed bolsters that impression.

The American state will sanction these new radio programs while denouncing Chavez for having nationalized the telecommunications/media industry in his country. Wait a minute, state sanctioned radio versus nationalized media....

Contrary to the propaganda of the Americans, Chavez does not just intend to make these organs of the state. They will be run collectively by the workers and community.

It was clear two months ago when I was in Venezuela that if Hugo Chavez won his third six-year term in the presidency this fall, he was ready to radicalize Venezuela - and he already has. He is going to abolish presidential term limits and "deepen this revolution." He is going to nationalize Venezuela's telecommunications and electricity utilities, bring the country's enormous oil wealth under more state control, and seek new powers from his already controlled legislature to rule by decree and reform the constitution along socialist lines. Local democracy will be run by "communal councils" reminiscent of the Paris Communes and the early Soviets.

The next step of course will be a Contra terrorist campaign. No wait that already happened, and the Americans refuse to extradict the Cuban Contra Terrorist to Venezuela for justice.




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cxx_guy said...

So you're a libertarian, but support a dictator. I suppose that's possible, for sufficiently small values of libertarian. But what exactly does libertarianism mean, in a land where every slave ... sorry, I mean citizen's livelihood depends on the whim on a single dictator? As some of us noticed during China's "Great Leap Forward" and Russia's collectivization, when dictators cause famines, it is not they that starve. Chavez is already spending more then he is making from oil, even at the current obscene oil price ... which are also created by a government monopoly. When the OPEC members start "cheating" (meaning delivering oil at market prices) what will happen to poor Venezuela, with it's market destroyed by a madman?

Who knew anarchy required so much government?

eugene plawiuk said...

Chavez is a democratically elected leader who was overthrown in an American orchestrated Coup. He is no more a dictator than the Premier of Alberta who also runs a one party state, and who sold off the public access radio station CKUA.