Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Canadian Values

Remember this from the Conservatives platform during the election?

Well here is an example of another broken promise by the Harper government.

They forgot the GST cut in the budget.
Country must wait for GST cut

The Conservatives have finally admitted that a cut in the GST is not 'real tax relief' after all.

"Budget 2007 will strengthen the federation by restoring much-needed fiscal balance," said Minister Flaherty. "And Canadians come out ahead through real tax relief that benefits working families."

I guess 5% is not a Canadian value after all.

Since Flaherty said his budget was all about Canadian values.

" Canada is a powerful idea. We are a modern nation that stands up for Canadian values in this world.

There are values and beliefs that unite us. Make us proud. That embody what it means to be Canadian.

To achieve a better Canada, we must invest based on those values and beliefs.

First of all, we help the vulnerable—and aspire to help one another.

Secondly, we take pride in the spectacular beauty of our country, and aspire to preserve it.

Third, we cherish the universality of our health care system, and aspire to strengthen it.

Fourth, we are a caring people, and aspire to support people who need our help.

This budget makes our values and beliefs stronger."


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