Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith and Barbara Amiel

So what do Anna Nicole Smith and Barbara Amiel, Mrs. Lord Black, have in common?

Besides being notorious media self promoters?
Black's wife blasts media as trial adjourned

The strain of Conrad Black's racketeering trial has taken its toll on the fallen newspaper mogul's wife, Barbara Amiel-Black, who unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade at the media yesterday in which she called a Canadian journalist a "slut". "As the doors closed, suddenly, out of nowhere, Barbara Amiel said -- in a very cut-glass, rather aggressive voice -- 'You slut!'," said British journalist Joanna Walters, who was in the elevator with some other journalists.

Both of them married wealthy older men.

There's a term for morbid sexual fascination with the elderly. It's called gerontophilia.

In Canada, it's also called Barbara Amielia.

One must admire the skills of a woman who is her own ruthless invention. Despite penning an article for Chatelaine magazine entitled "Why Women Marry Up,'' Amiel never needed to sleep-up, or wedlock well, to gain either social or professional altitude, although beguiling the right men did bring riches and opportunity. And maybe Amiel really did look upon the troll-like Lord Weidenfeld, her primary patron-swain in England whilst a single female, as a hottie. Women are weird that way, hormonally responsive to the potency of power, the way men get tumescent on porn.

What kind of person would want “love” from someone who wants them only for their money?

It would be a lot cheaper and productive to dump the “friend” and spend the money on a good therapist.

There is not a law against being stupid. When a 60-year-old lottery winner suddenly gets an 18-year-old lover, the lover is not with them for their looks.

Three has been too much media coverage of Anna Nicole. She did not earn her wealth or make the world a better place. Her big accomplishment was inheriting money.

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Er, what do Amiel and Smith have in common?

"Both of them married wealthy older men."

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd....cue the "wrong again, Plawiuk" buzzer sound.

Barbara Amiel was born into a Jewish family in 1940. Conrad Black was born 25 August 1944 in Montreal.

I know I've well established on this blog that math isn't your strong suit, so in case you were unaware, [(2007-1944)<(2007-1940)]. Meaning all you can muster for the comparison which titles this entry is "both used to be hotter than they are now", which might as well be "how is Barbara Amiel like Denise Richards?".

As for the foul-mouthed tirade, Mark Steyn provides some interesting background into why Amiel was in a bad mood that day which means that another comparison between Amiel and Smith is that both of them will end up in U.S. court trying to fight an uphill battle for rights that should have been innately granted.

eugene plawiuk said...

Wow that abacus you use is working overtime. However my point was based on the TorStar article I linked too.
And you gotta admit the Lord Black doth look a lot older than Lady Black. Who for some reason reminds me of Lady MacBeth.