Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Economist Trashes Made In Alberta Green Plan


Jeffrey Rubin, chief economist with CIBC World Markets, said Tuesday that governments in Ottawa and Alberta are pursuing a minimalist policy that will actually lead to significantly higher greenhouse gas emissions. Eventually, he said, Canada will have to get tougher, prodded by a growing movement in the United States to combat global warming.

Of course he is a Bay Street Banker part of the Kyoto Conspiracy.



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janfromthebruce said...

it loads way down on the page so you think that post isn't there.

Well, I think we need more May 'green cheerleading' here. On the side lines, telling them: go, boys, go!
not! Even the bankers get it without sucking up.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! About 10 days ago, the TD came out in favour of a carbon tax. Yup. A bank advocating for a new tax on some of its biggest customers - big oil.

The economists are all catching on. Even Ivory Tower Steve'll see the light, eventually, an' see that Canada ain't left too far behind in cap & trade market mechanisms t' mitigate climate change.

JanGal, I think the Greenies been pushin' fer carbon markets before most Canajun polyticians even knew there was such a thing. We'll keep pushin' an' the more parties an' banks an' economists who latch onta GPC policies, the more they'll confirm that the GPC has been on the right track fer years.

The beauty of carbon tradin' is that it's been proven t' reduce CO2 but it doesn't matter if the market players even believe in climate change. All it requires is that caps be put in place and GHG reductions take place for money to be made.

O' course, it probbly goes against everything ol' Eugene believes in on accounta it's a purely capitalistic mechanism. ;)


eugene plawiuk said...

Jan I am not sure if you mean the original post or my article. If its my article I tried it In IE and Firefox and it loads ok. Clean your cache perhaps.

JimBob you shure did hit it on the head. When dem big bank boys that my pals the Youngers and James boys dealt with back when they made their railroad play, well they know how to pick pockets with the best of them, if they say its good for capitalism well then you know it ain't a solution for the environment.