Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mea Culpa

The John Edwards Campaign fires two bloggers after being attacked by a right wing conservative lobbyist and then rehires them with a mea culpa.

Is there a lesson in this for the moderators at Progressive Bloggers and their capitulation to similar pressure from certain of their bloggers?

Or am I being to obtuse? Again.

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Dr.Dawg said...

Yup. You're being too obtuse.

We didn't capitulate to pressure from anyone. We did the right thing all on our own, and the wheels were in motion well before that miserable little opportunist Jason Cherniak weighed in. Sorry to burst your paranoid fantasy bubble, but them's the facts.

skip sievert said...

In the realm of Politics lies and disinformation rule. I have found so called Progressives to be just as brainwashed as any other group.

eugene plawiuk said...

Dr. Dawg please lets be honest you did capitulate to pressure since the moderators at PB are predominately Liberalbloggers. Please convince me that amongst all the postings you saw that you actually read Roberts post all the way down where the nutbar anti-Semite posted his comments that then began the rebuttals. I saw you posted comments on Roberts blog so I can assume you were not that offended until a hew and cry was raised.

Yes Cherniak used that post to slag Dippers, but the PB moderators have played into his hands by taking the actions they have. Rather than letting the issue cool off for a few days and then deciding what to do.

Nothing paranoid about it.

Dr.Dawg said...

You should go back and read the thread. I expressed major concern right there, almost as soon as Robert's comment appeared. In fact, to come right out with it, I raised it almost immediately afterwards with the moderators. Maybe they capitulated to my pressure.

Nobody put me under pressure--not the Liberals, not the "Zionist lobby," not the Illuminati. It was a revolting comment, and I reacted, and Robert spent the next day or so defending it, when all he had to do was retract and apologize, as decency demanded.

eugene plawiuk said...

Sure what Robert said was offensive and off the wall. And said in the heat of the moment. And when folks started attacking him he got indignant and got his hackles up and went defensive.

What was needed was a cooling off period. So cooler heads would prevail. Not a purge.

I have no illusions that this was some sort of conspiracy. And it was not damage control at PB. It was a knee jerk reaction. And that was wrong.

He may have apologized if folks let it go. Or not. But after a suitable time period of a few days to see what happens and discussing it with the members of PB then a decision should have been made.

As it was this was a rush to judgment.