Friday, April 20, 2007

The PM's Psychic

Now we know why the Conservatives don't answer questions in QP. They expect the Opposition to know them cause they are psychic.

The use of psychics and witchdoctors to affect sports teams world wide is well known, and of course they are used in North America for the same reason in politics.

Michelle Muntean, a former stylist for CTV News, fusses over Harper's hair, selects his clothes, and even accompanies him on official trips -- most recently to France for the Vimy Ridge Memorial ceremony.

She's also been known to give her clients spiritual advice, leaving some critics wondering if Harper is getting more than fashion advice.

"What is wrong is the use of public dollars to pay for a stylist or a psychic," said New Democrat MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis.

Former prime minister Mackenzie King famously communicated with his dead relatives and dog, and believed his dreams were a good way to contact the spirit world.

Of course as usual the PMO is evasive not only about her roll as a taxpayer funded stylist but now as a psychic.

It appears the opposition has been looking under the wrong heading to find out where she is in the employment list for the PMO. Apparently she is actually a valet.

But Harper's communications director Sandra Buckler said Muntean does not discuss psychic matters with either the prime minister or his wife.

"She doesn't," said Buckler.

"I don't care what she is. She is very helpful. She carries the bags, she opens the door. She is very nice."

The use of psychics of course does conflict with the Conservatives espoused religious fundamentalism.

Though religious revivalism itself is really not much different from occultism, speaking in tongues, spirit possession, playing with snakes.

The involution of the African city, notes Mike Davis (Planet of Slums, Verso, 2005)
has as its corollary not an insurgent lumpenproletariat but rather a vast political universe of Islamism and Pentecostalism. It is this occult world of invisible powers—whether populist Islam in Kano or witchcraft in Soweto—that represents the most compelling ideological legacy of neoliberal utopianism in Africa.

Pentecostalism is spiritualism for Christians. After all the Pentecostal founder of social conservative fundamentalism Sister Aimee Semple McPherson was Canadian.

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The PM and the Stylist

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