Saturday, April 21, 2007

Reprint Paul Goodman

Anarchist psychologist, philosopher and counter culture maven Paul Goodman's books are now out of print. A new biographical movie is out about this important but overlooked activist writer. A documentary on Goodman is being made and the folks who made the movie are now on a campaign to get Goodman's works reprinted by Random House. They are also trying to raise money to finish the film.

Please tell Random House editor JUDY STERNLIGHT -- -- that you agree with Marcus Raskin's letter below urging them to reprint Paul Goodman's work and to bring out an "Essential Paul Goodman."

Thank you very much.

Jonathan Lee
February 20, 2007

Judy Sternlight
Random House

Dear Ms. Sternlight:

There is a tradition of greatness in American thought and letters which must be kept alive. It revolves around a moral impulse, a personal commitment to creativity and freedom, a vast knowledge of the past and present. And a strong nose for bull shit.

Paul Goodman is part of that tradition and in fact he was crucial in keeping it alive during his immensely productive life. Jason Epstein, his editor and publisher understood that impulse and was, as you know, his champion at your house. No doubt there will come a time when this "American Master" will receive his due. But that is only part of the story. This present, say the 21st century, is in desperate need of insight and thought from those who struggled and lived lives of nobility and brilliance. This, Ms. Sternlight is a dark time and Goodman in his work and life kept a candle lit which helped one generation find itself whether in letters, education, politics, and gender freedom.

Goodman was a colleague of mine, dedicated a book to me and made his voice heard among many in the establishment and of course among students. There is no doubt that his voice and his straightforward writing would resonate with a new generation of young. This I know first hand as a professor at George Washington University, the co-founder o the Institute for Policy Studies, author and editor of some 20 books-two from Random House.

Further, there is an entire generation of people from the sixties who are in teaching positions at universities and schools who grew up escaping absurd lives because of his work. The republication of Paul's books makes enormous commercial sense besides being a literary necessity.


Marcus Raskin
Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC


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