Friday, May 11, 2007

Best Kept Secret In The UK

As if we didn't know......Brown to launch succession bid But wait it gets better; UK's Brown vows to give power to the people Which should mean once elected he will not serve. Of course as Heir Apparent that ain't too likely. Unless he loses the General Election. Which given his personality could be very likely.

Britain's leader-in-waiting Gordon Brown pledged on Friday to put "citizens in control" and end personality-driven politics if he was elected to take over from his charismatic predecessor Tony Blair.

Launching his campaign to become leader of the ruling Labour party, Brown said his government would be a servant of the state, not handing down edicts from on high. It would listen to voters and not be afraid to admit mistakes and change course.

"I do not believe politics is about celebrity," finance minister Brown said. "I have never believed that presentation can be a substitute for policy.

That's because he has no personality and what he lacks in charisma he makes up for with policy.

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CoralPoetry said...


I’ve been reading and re-reading the various hate blogs that vilify everything about Tony Blair and his policies. These blogs are purportedly written by Conservative Councillors hailing from various parts of Britain, mostly from the London area. These so-called Councillors are probably paid stooges sitting in prison cells with nothing better to do. Apparently, there’s no law against stealing another person’s identity if the impostor gains no financial rewards, but merely ruins the reputation of the owner of the name he has stolen.

At least, with a definitive departure date, Tony Blair has shut these charlatan bloggers up once and for all. Yesterday's and today’s pages are unusually insipid and lacking in content – most of the authors have announced the demise or a hiatus in their blogs. I wonder why?


eugene plawiuk said...

So I guess you are sorry to see Tony go.