Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fish Contamination

Not only do we have to worry about mercury in fish now we have to worry about Melamine too.

Tainted feed sent to Canadian fish farms, food agency says

And just like mercury we are assured that the melamine contamination is not harmful to humans. Yet.
Officials say risk is low from fish fed melamine-spiked food,
Once again human beings are subjected to the outrages of the primitive accumulation of capital, criminal capitalism by any other name, as China joins the world market.
China Zeroes In On Food And Drug Safety

But China is not alone, the deregulated market place in America is their model;
Food czar: Inspections flawed, lack resources

China issues draft rules for pig slaughterhouses
And you and I and our animals end up being poisoned.

The neo-con fetish for privatization,deregulation,reductions in pulic sector cleaning and housekeeping staff and contracting out, have led to major health crisis's; SARS, BSE, etc. in the past decade.

A social cost they did not anticipate in their reinventing of government.

Proving once again that capitalism is not sustainable, it is killing us.


Criminal Capitalism: Pet Food Scandal

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Anonymous said...

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