Saturday, May 05, 2007

Liberals Planning Spring Election

Must be because now that we have set election dates in Canada, as of this week, the Conservatives can't call and election only the opposition can. And in my neighbourhood, Edmonton Strathcona, the Liberals have bought billboards for their candidate Claudette Roy which have sprung up like May flowers.

Unfortunately even though they advertise her web site on the billboards, this is what appears.

This site is under construction, please come back soon

And since they did so badly last time I guess they are going on the offensive, not against Conservative MP and climate change denier Rahim Jaffer but the NDP candidate Linda Duncan who is an environmentalist.

So much for the politics of compromise to build an environmental alliance
for the next election.

What is good for Elizabeth May in Nova Scotia does not apply to Linda Duncan in Edmonton Strathcona despite her being an environmentalist. Of course Linda doesn't believe Stephane Dion is the greenest candidate for PM, unlike May.

And Linda's website has been online for months now.


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janfromthebruce said...

Linda is a super candidate. Too bad, the libs talk a good talk, but their actions speak louder than all that nice, nice talk.

eugene plawiuk said...

That is all it the paper tiger candidate Roy, who has no web page but has billboards. Now does that make any sense? The Liberals are fighting back against the Conservatives but there will be no spring election until next year.