Friday, April 13, 2007

Liberals New Green Politics

A follow up on the Dion/May alliance announced today. Just how far are the Liberals willing to go with their new found principle of strategic voting?

Will the Liberals back down from running a candidate in Edmonton Strathcona, considering their poor showing last time, and the fact that the NDP candidate Linda Duncan is an environmentalist.

Will they also not run a candidate in Wild Rose where the Green Party ran second.

After all that would follow Cherniak's dictum;
"This is about the Liberal Party doing what is right for a truly progressive Canada. The symbolism of running a candidate in every riding is somewhat meaningless in comparison."

Dion is not running a Liberal against the Green Party Leader in exchange the Greens won't run against Dion. Oh be still my beating heart like they stood a chance in his riding. Being so principled will he offer the same deal to Layton and Duceppe?

And the cynical could see this whole affair as a hastily constructed way of distracting from yesterdays Liberal bad news story on Belinda Stronach.

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Werner Patels said...

The best comment about this mess I have seen so far. Kudos.

son of gaia said...

I agree with Werner.

Perhaps, after the Liberals lose the next election Dion could step down as leader and join the Green Party. Then He and May could have a torrid affair and after he failed to get elected as a Green candidate he could abruptly quit politics and go to work for his dad!

audacious said...

Cherniak's dictum ... ya, take his word as gospel ... what a joker.