Monday, May 07, 2007

We Are Not Crooks

Now here is a stunning bit of logic from our law and order government in Ottawa.

It reminds me of Richard Nixon's famous quote; "I Am Not A Crook."

As we all know innocent people have nothing to hide.

An official from the Prime Minister's Office recently followed a journalist off Parliament Hill, then approached the reporter to challenge a story about the PMO's refusal to disclose how Harper's travelling hairdresser is being paid.

The official told the reporter three times that accountability measures are for crooks, not honest people.

It appears to be a theme in the Harper government.

While stressing the need for clear rules and transparency for others, the cabinet continues to tightly control information, censor documents and only selectively disclose ministerial expenses.


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1 comment:

gary_mh said...

This is just too delicious. Imagine Trudeau when a CBC journalist approached him and was brave enough to challenge him on the War Measures Act. Why do you have all these troops on the streets of Ottawa (Montreal is where the great conspiracy lived) and what else are you going to do that is un democratic, he was asked. We all remember his answer: Just watch me.
Well Harper is not so well known, and he has already made the mistake of driving off the journalists, so he had to arrange to go to one of them (quel horreurs) and lay down the law. He was not going to be accountable! No sir, that was for crooks. Just try to get me to be accountable, he might have said. Right. Now we do not have to ask. We have a PM who does not believe he is accountable. Oh dear, we have the arrogance of Trudeau without the smarts.